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ORA EV Care Plan

  12 months 24 months
Comprehensive Diagnostic Inspection 1 time 2 times
Including EV System, Steering, Suspension, Brake System and Maintenance Service Report    
All Wear and Tear Items# Unlimited Unlimited
Such as A/C Filter, Wiper, Brake Fluid, Brake Pads, Coolant    
Ultra Mist Anti-Bacterial Cabin Treatment 50% off 50% off
Car Beauty    
Platinum Coating 20% off 30% off
Body Paint Touch-up $2,680^ $2,380^
Specific Dashcam 15% off 25% off
Automotive Window Film 20% off 30% off
Discounted Price $4,200 $7,500

Please download the leaflet for more information.

^Only for 2nd – 4th panels (Each panel)
#Applicable as needed after inspection
Terms and conditions apply
In case of dispute, Future Motors Limited reserves the right of final decision

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